PortWind.no is a portal for wind sensors in ports along the coast of Norway. The location of the weather stations is shown on the map. Basically, they are located on coastal areas that have daily calls of goods and passenger traffic including "Hurtigruten".

The purpose of the measurements is to give navigators updated and reliable information on local sailing conditions in a uniform manner.

The equipment used is of high quality and accuracy to ensure high uptime and operation over time.

The measurements are displayed in real time. That is, data is collected every second from all sensors to a central server where they are presented over the internet for users on the web.

Graph and wind rose shows the last half hour wind measurements (last 10 minutes on mobile) and gives a picture of the development. A live view is updated every second.

Ports here today have wind measurements presented on PortWind. Some also have hourly parallel presentations on their own websites.